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First of all, we wanted to say THANK YOU for your “YES”. We are so grateful that you have put your hand up to become a CARRIER of what God is doing through our church.


Our heart is to be a church that is bringing people to LIFE in Jesus, and we could not achieve this mission without you. We are so excited to invite you into a journey of carrying this vision and carrying this heart for the people of God.


REVIVE is not built on the skills of one, but the sacrifice of many. This means that everyone has an important part to play. Our roles might be different, but we all have the same value. So wherever you serve, and whatever you do - YOU MATTER.


Today you aren’t just joining a ministry, but you are joining a movement. And our prayer is that as you serve we would see the lost welcomed home, people finding family, believers becoming disciples, and a city being won for Jesus. 


Ps Jason & Katie Mendis




The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; 

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

John 10:10 (NIV)


REVIVE: /rɪˈvʌɪv/ To bring back to life. 


The reason why our church exists is to bring people to life in Jesus. To experience the real and full life that you can only find in Him. Jesus didn’t just come to save us, He also came to make us. To help us become everything we were called to be. His invitation into a full life is simple - He just calls us to follow. As followers of Jesus, we bring life into the world that we live. Where there is despair, we bring Joy. Where there is pain, we bring hope. Where there is death, we bring life - and our heart is to REVIVE every atmosphere we are in. 




We are life bringers. We speak life in every situation, and we bring life to every room. 



We are a hungry church. We are loud in our praise. We are passionate in our worship. And we pursue the presence of God.



We are ‘People’ people. We believe that every ONE matters. Whatever we do, and whoever we are, we will always value others above ourselves. 



We are disciple makers. We are not a church full of consumers, who come to church to be entertained. We contribute, we play our part and we make disciples. 



We are radical givers. We are generous with our resource, our time, and our talents. Freely we have received, so freely we give. 



We are a faith church. We dream big, we take risks, and we live with a God sized vision for our lives.



We are Jesus followers. We love Jesus, preach Jesus, and follow Jesus in EVERYTHING we do. 


Discipleship is a journey. It’s a series of steps that we take to learn to become like Jesus and help others to do the same. The Discipleship pathway at REVIVE is designed to turn visitors into carriers and help people fulfill the great commission in their life.






At this stage, people are a part of the community but have not connected in. They attend gatherings but are not doing life within the Church. The goal at this stage is REAL CONNECTION. 



The next stage is to get people deeply connected into community through connect groups. This group will be doing life with people, growing in their relationship with Jesus and with others. The goal at this stage is to help people FIND FAMILY.



The next stage is all about teaching people how to commit to a life of following Jesus. We will walk people through a journey of becoming a disciple of Jesus and making disciples of Jesus. The goal at this stage is to MAKE DISCIPLES.



Once we learn to become disciples, the final stage in our pathway is where people are discipling others. At this stage people aren’t living for themselves but for others. These people are carrying the mandate of disciples and the vision of our church. The goal at this stage is to SERVE OTHERS.

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SALVATION - Believing in Jesus is the best place to start our serving. Before we commit to serving, we commit to following - because our relationship with God is always more important than the role we play. 


PERSONAL - Having a daily relationship with God (reading our bible, prayer, and worship) helps us grow into the people that God wants us to be. As we grow in God, we also grow as leaders in His Church.  


CORPORATE - Faith was never meant to be done alone - In fact, we need each other. Outworking our faith together, and being united with one another are fundamental to the advancement of the Church on the earth. 



SUNDAY (WEEKLY) - We as a church carry a conviction to be in the house EVERY WEEK to worship God TOGETHER. Hebrews 10 reminds us to never forsake the gathering of the believers and this is a part of REVIVE culture. Every team member who is rostered on should be at church at least 45 mins before the service starts for TEAM RALLY. We also encourage every volunteer and leader to SIT ONE & SERVE ONE (that is finding a service to sit in and finding another service to serve in). 


CONNECT GROUP (FORTNIGHTLY) - Connect groups are how we do discipleship and family here at REVIVE. Being a part of a church is bigger than serving on a roster, it’s about doing life together and this is why every team member should be a part of a connect group before they are part of the team. 


CARRIERS (FORTNIGHTLY) - Every week our volunteers and leaders pour into the church community, and carriers nights are a great way for the volunteers and leaders can get poured into as well.  These leadership gatherings are critical to the discipling, training, equipping, and impartation of our team. Every team member should make these nights a priority to stay connected, engaged & united with the rest of the team. 



All leaders and volunteers at REVIVE have a process for joining the team. At a minimum, every team member must complete a REVIVE Volunteer Declaration BEFORE they join any team. For those that are serving and leading with anyone under 18 must have completed a ‘Working With Children Check’ (WWCC) BEFORE they join their respective team. Please also discuss any other processes involved in your team such as reporting, guidelines and expectations with your team leader before commencing on the team.


People thrive in environments where they feel safe. When engaging with others it is important to be aware of who you are dealing with, what they are going through and how you can ensure they feel safe. All of our interactions must be appropriate and considered. We commit to leading programs and ministries that are spiritually, physically, emotionally and psychologically safe. 



As leaders we all have a duty of care for those that we lead. Anyone who serves on a team that engages or leads anyone under the age of 18 is considered a mandatory reporter. Any form of abuse that is brought to light (past or present) must be reported to the REVIVE safety officer and the direct report within 12 hours. Incident reports must be filled out as required. If you do not serve or lead with people under 18 you still carry a pastoral responsibility to care for those in our community, so please communicate accordingly. 



Now that you have join this team, you are an extension of REVIVE Church. It is important that in both your personal and public life that you represent God, your church and your leaders. From the way we engage with others both in person and online, to how we approach drugs, alcohol and the law. Every leader should lead ABOVE REPROACH, be an example and be someone worthy of following.  


As Volunteers and Leaders at REVIVE, we have a range of applications that we use as a church to communicate and schedule. 


This is our primary application for Team communication. Each team at REVIVE should have a group chat where they will post updates, encouragements, and any communication needed for the team.

Download the app here.


Planning Center Online (PCO)

We roster and schedule all of our teams on Planning Center Services. Every Volunteer & Leader at REVIVE will need to set up an account to receive their schedule and submit unavailability. 

Download the app here.


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