Tracks is a 5 stage discipleship pathway that we have developed to help you go from being someone who just attends a church to someone who is living out their purpose.

Wherever you are in your journey of faith - everyone has a next step and Tracks exists to help you take that next step to see you become all that you are called to be.

Each stage has a LEARN element and a LIVE element. So as we move from stage to stage, we get to LEARN about our faith journey, and taken an action step to LIVE it out.

So, let's take a look at the journey.

Crowd Gradient.png

Stage 1:


At the first stage you are part of the CROWD.

You are coming along and you are enjoying the services but you are not that connected into the community or not too involved in the life of church.

People are coming into church either as new Christians, making a decision to follow Jesus or as new people or visitors to our church. 

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Stage 2:


At this stage you are looking to CONNECT into the heart of the church. People at the second stage are finding a place to belong and a community to do life with.

People have the opportunity to sign up to the Start course where they can learn about the fundamentals of faith, get an insight into our church and learn about the part they play in the bigger picture of the church. and they join a connect group and find a community to do life with. 

Connect Gradient.png
Commit Gradient.png
Commit Gradient.png

Stage 3:


The third stage is called COMMIT.  


Once you has connected into the community,

it is now time to make a decision to commit to it.
At this stage people are making a real choice to truly follow Jesus and learn as much as they can about faith.

People can choose to join the Alpha course which is a program offered around the world that takes a 10-week deep dive into the fundamentals of faith. They can then live out this step with a public declaration of their faith by getting water baptised. Water baptism is a biblical part of the discipleship journey and important moment in your faith.

Stage 4:


At this stage you are not just a part of the community, and not just committed to the community, but now you are playing your part in the community and CONTRIBUTING. You are serving each other and helping one another build the church.

People can sign up to the Freedom course where they can learn about living the free life that Jesus came to give us.

Here, you can also join a team, where you can serve the community and build the church alongside others.

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Carry Gradient.png

Stage 5:


The final stage we get to is called CARRY.

By this stage people are not just playing their part,

but they are making a difference in each others lives. 

They are carrying the vision of the church and they are leading others into their purpose and destiny. 

In this stage, you are invited to join the Lead course - a 20 week intensive on leadership and discipleship with the pastors of our church. This is where they will personally help and equip you to step into your calling and potential as a leader. Live this step out by becoming a leader and leading others around you through one of our ministry teams, as a connect group leader or in a leadership capacity through our Church.